Louisiana: Accountability for Teacher Preparation

December 12, 2008 | Blog

An unexpected but welcomed editorial (‘What Louisiana Can Teach‘) appears in this morning’s New York Times. It focuses on Louisiana’s…

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Election Day and Schools

October 20, 2008 | Blog

A number of communities are canceling classes on Election Day due to a fear about possible threats to school security…

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October 2, 2008 | Blog

The NY Times has an interesting editorial today arguing for a “broader definition of merit” in college admissions practices, taking…

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Who Says This Election Shouldn’t Be About Education?

September 18, 2008 | Blog

The staggering economy is clearly hitting working families, investors … and college students with financial need. The New York Times…

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I’m Not the Only One

July 5, 2008 | Blog

Yesterday Kevin Carey considered the NY Times piece, and what he knows of me, and concluded that “that the liberal…

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I Never Knew I Was (A) Moderate

July 4, 2008 | Blog

I’ve been accused of many things– being outspoken, outrageous, even out of my mind. But never, never, had I been…

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