Let’s Be Human Together

March 1, 2011 | Blog

Being part of history in the making is a powerful thing. It can make you feel like you are–finally–part of…

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What Would You Do?

February 27, 2011 | Blog

Some proponents of the NBP are asking a reasonable question: If not the New Badger Partnership, then what? How to…

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More Flexibility to Raise Tuition?

February 26, 2011 | Blog

Central to debates over the New Badger Partnership is the question of whether additional flexibilities that make it possible to…

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Politics As Usual?

February 24, 2011 | Blog

There is much buzz here at UW-Madison about the proposed New Badger Partnership. You can read all the details about…

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What Do Elite Institutions Owe Their States?

February 23, 2011 | Blog

Dear readers, It’s quite a time here in Wisconsin. I’ve spent the academic year juggling a major research project, teaching,…

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