In Case You Doubted What This CEO Business is Really About…

September 15, 2011 | Blog

This should remove all doubt from your mind. Here who is promoting CEO’s attack on UW-Madison

(1) White Reference–a website “designed for the dissemination of news of interest to the White Nationalist community as well as others interested in such information. This includes reports of crime and oppression against White people worldwide, as well as accounts of White resistance.”

(2) American Renaissance, a group advocating for a “race realism” approach, and “racial-realist” thought.

(3) TMB, who writes that “minorities going crazy in Wisconsin.”

(4) The American Civil Rights Institute, “a nationally recognized civil rights organization created to educate the public about racial and gender preferences.” The blog is maintained by La Shawn Barber and created by Ward Connerly. Barber is known for her writings such as “Black Pride, White Paternalism.

The list goes on.. and this has been in the works for a long time. Here is Clegg attacking us back in 2007.

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    September 15, 2011

    This is a very deep rabbit hole. It's one that I crawled down in the 90s as I was working with others investigating this ongoing assault (which goes back at least to the Reagan administration). For your readers who want to take the journey, click over to and let your fingers to the walking.

    Always good to remember, that CEO's chair, Linda Chavez, is vehemently anti-immigration (she doesn't count since her family got here 500 years ago, see), and anti-union - which makes the choice of Wisconsin even sweeter for her.

    And do some digging around Ward Connerly. The guy who made his millions as a minority contractor in California, and the he retires, only to be put on the rather gilded payroll of folks like the Bradley foundation.

    The interconnections between the individuals, organizations, and the funders boggles the mind. But one must remember they've been building this structure for 30 years.

    You folks at Madison should get ready for the law suit that's coming your way. This is their MO: CEO releases their report; legal org files a lawsuit (not sure who it will be in Wisconsin, but think along the lines of the Pacific Legal Foundation, or maybe someone from the Heartland Institute. And then get ready for Ward Connerly to come your way and try and get a ballot initiative passed.

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