When Only the Best Will Do….

December 8, 2008 | Blog

I suppose my mom knew something about education after all (not that you’d have known it from how GWU treated her as a lecturer way back when)….

Apparently, I graduated from “the very best high school” in the whole darn country.

100% of the kids are said to be “college ready”? Well then how come lil ol’ me, with my 1400+ SAT, and 4 AP classes, was counseled to attend Northern VA Community College, as I was pretty much Josie-average at that school? I was told that was the best fit for me. They were a little confused when I got into William & Mary….

That place was hard. Hard hard hard. Harder than grad school at U. Penn, and wayyyy harder than GWU. Sure, I work longer hours now– but I’m also paid. In high school I woke at 6 am, stayed up past 1 or 2 doing homework, and studied constantly. Very little partying, play, and such.

I don’t know– it was a special place, for sure. It probably helped me ‘get where I am today’ (for more on where that is, see tomorrow’s press release from UW-Madison). But wouldn’t I have done the same with or without TJ? I wish someone would do a good study and get me the answer to that one….


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Would you like to share your thoughts?

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