Should We Postpone The Election, Too?

September 26, 2008 | Blog

UPDATE: It appears that there will be a Obama-McCain tonight. Hold that chicken suit.


It looks like it might be time to bring out a guy in a chicken suit for Obama to debate (perhaps Letterman can assist?) as McCain is likely to back out of tomorrow night’s presidential debate — despite this agreement — due to the lack of agreement on Capitol Hill over the government bailout of rich guys. Makes sense, right? The economy is in the tank, so let’s limit the exercise of American democracy. Sounds like a plan written by the Bush Administration, maybe even Uncle Dick himself.

Perhaps we should postpone the election, too. After all, high school civics instructs us that Article II 0f the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date of the presidential election. So it’s not too late!!! Given the fact that McCain’s presence in Washington, DC is so critical the future of the American economy, let’s give W another year at the helm and try this whole election thing again in 2009. Maybe that will even give McCain time to reconsider his choice for veep.

I feel an omnibus bill coming on: Wall Street bailout, election postponement. What else?

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    Teacher Mom

    September 26, 2008

    I also wondered if this could be an excuse to postpone the election or declare a state of emergency over the economy keeping W in power. Quite frankly, this whole train of thought gives me the creeps. If there wasn't such an erosion of transparency and civil rights from this president, I wouldn't react like this. But, with this crowd controlling things, any out of the ordinary stunts should only be viewed in the most cynical terms else we get duped.

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