Obama Said What About Education????

July 15, 2008 | Blog

Obama is giving a pretty good speech to the NAACP right now, and Liam and I were just sitting here listening and pretty psyched when he finally started talking about education. But no sooner had he begun to outline his plans for educational reforms, then CNN’s Campbell Brown cut in and faded him out! As if, ok, education, booooring. She returned a few minutes later, once the education part was done.

ED in ’08? Not working folks… not working. And CNN producers along with Campbell “Veep stakes baby…I don’t understand the stock market” Brown are officially part of the problem.


UPDATE: Here’s the education-related text from Obama’s speech:

And here’s what else we’ll do – we’ll make sure that every child in this country gets a world-class education from the day they’re born until the day they graduate from college. Now, I understand that Senator McCain is going to be coming here in a couple of days and talking about education, and I’m glad to hear it. But the fact is, what he’s offering amounts to little more than the same tired rhetoric about vouchers. Well, I believe we need to move beyond the same debate we’ve been having for the past 30 years when we haven’t gotten anything done. We need to fix and improve our public schools, not throw our hands up and walk away from them. We need to uphold the ideal of public education, but we also need reform.

That’s why I’ve introduced a comprehensive strategy to recruit an army of new quality teachers to our communities – and to pay them more and give them more support. And we’ll invest in early childhood education programs so that our kids don’t begin the race of life behind the starting line and offer a $4,000 tax credit to make college affordable for anyone who wants to go. Because as the NAACP knows better than anyone, the fight for social justice and economic justice begins in the classroom.


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