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April 26, 2008 | Blog

Music is part of a well-rounded education. In that spirit, I plan to spotlight a new artist each week (or whenever I get around to it). Of course, there are no required courses on this blog. They’re all electives.

Drum roll, please…

The inaugural Musical Elective of the Week is: Kathleen Edwards.

Edwards is a 29-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter. She plays a blend of folk, pop and alt country featuring intelligent lyrics and catchy guitar riffs. Her third album, Asking for Flowers, was released in March. It follows 2005’s Back to Me and 2003’s Failer.

Rolling Stone calls Asking For Flowers her “strongest album yet,” and NPR’s All Songs Considered has said that she’s “one of the most distinctive singer-songwriters to emerge in recent years.” I haven’t had the chance to listen to her latest album closely, but some of my favorite tracks from her past albums include “Summerlong” (also featured on the Elizabethtown soundtrack), “In State” and the title track from Back To Me, and “6 O’Clock News,” “Hockey Skates” and “One More Song The Radio Won’t Like” off of her 2003 debut.

I had the chance to meet Ms. Edwards briefly more than two years ago when she opened for My Morning Jacket. What a genuinely warm, down-to-earth individual. No rock star ego here.

Visit Kathleen’s web site to listen to her music. She’s also currently touring the U.S.–working her way into the Midwest from points East, then heading West and back up into her native Canada.

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    April 26, 2008

    Thanks for the recommendation. Her music is great!

    I'm really enjoying the mix of policy, news, commentary and culture you guys have put together on your blog so far. I'm a teacher, and it's one of my favorite things about being in education to hear about the wide ranging interests and talents of other educators. I'm looking forward to your next music suggestion.

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